2 days in a row


Hey buddy! I’ve just come home from my birthday party now! And my class
mates had my birthday party yesterday too! So I had 2 birthday parties
on Friday and Saturday in a row. I really want to say thank you for
everybody! I’m very happy.
Oh, I remember that I was drawn graffiti on my face 2 days in a row as well.
…(-. -;)
party on Friday was originally called “Takoyaki party” and my class
mates prepare cake with fireworks instead of candles. That was kind of
surprising. I was dranken, everybody got dranken and I spent so much
fun time.
Then today I had another one basecally organized by PGIC
friends. I got lots of gifts from them. I’m so glad them. I got
perfume, Dream theater’s DVD, clothing for my daughter(???), cookie,
chocolate, amulet and antiplaque mouthwash which is actually
leftover(???). I’m very glad you guys. I’m so happy. you can see some
of the presents are something strange though. haha.

In fact some
of my friends who couldn’t come to the party gave me a phone call or
sent me a e-mail to celebrate me as well. I just thank everybody.

Then I’m going to be a 29th on Feb. 20th. This is my last year of my 20’s. I have to be more mature.

Oh, as I said,  everybody drew graffiti on my face, then let me introdece what the hell they wrote down on my face.
They wrote such as, “crap”, “I’m gay”, “SEX”, “meat” on my forehead, and so forth.
Don’t you think it’s a punishment?