Boxing day


oxing day is the day after christmas and you can buy whatever you want extremely cheaper than usual.
There is not such a culture in my country. So I was really interested
in it. Since I’d been standing the life without a guitar, I was aiming
to buy one in this opportunity. However I just thought that I don’t
want to bring one to Japan. So I was supporsed to buy the cheapest guitar, less than $100 in the store though…

On the boxing day; 26th of Dec. I reached Tom Lee, a musical instrument store in Vancouver downtown, and started looking for the cheapest one like $100 or so. Then what I found was… Ooh!! This must be Fender U.S.A.!!!!!!!
Well.. what’s the condition?? Cherry sun burst, alder body, maple neck,
maple fingerboard, in addition that has a 22nd fret as well.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!! This must be! This must be!! What I wanted to buy is
that!!! Let’s see…What’s the price??? Noooooooooooooooooooohh! It’s ONLY $1190!
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! that’s very cheaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Oh, no!
What’ll I do?? If I buy this one, how can I bring it to the metropolis
Okazaki city? Before of all, can I live my rest of vancouver life? Oh,
but this Fender is waiting meeeee! Oh, gosh! Hey, let’s try playing to
check the sound. Wow, the sound is pretty good. and you know, how good
the feeling is? It just for me…

Well, well, well… something is strange. Haven’t I looked for the cheapest
in the store??? What the hell am I thinking of! Satoshi! don’t be
defeated by my impulse! Forget about it, Satoshi! I can buy fender in
Japan, can you? Not now Satoshi! Not a chance!!!!! I don’t afford to
buy stuff costs more than a thousand!! It’s impossible. Don’t do that

At last I could stop my impulse. Finally what I bought was a guitar costs $89 include tax. The brand I bought was “MRW“!!!
I don’t know!!! I’ve never heard  that and it’s just cheap. but I
didn’t have to pay like $1000. Oh, I almost die. Anyhow, I finally got
the guitar here in Vanoucver!!!! yeah!!! I hadn’t played for more than
8 months. Please forgive my laziness Mr.Kamadoneko master and Mr.Suzuki. Somehow I’ve got now and I’ll practice a lot. Well…don’t ask me the question, “What about your study?”
Somehow I’m happy!